Testimonials-Aussie Battler Beef Jerky



Blue Collar Worker

I work in the mines in the NT we are pretty busy and mobile, the jerky is a great snack to have in my work bag, or in the draws at the office, I can snack on anytime (plus it beats the camp food).   Only problem is   I run out as my work mates have also discovered it! I go out fishing heaps as well and this jerky is so handy to take as a quick snack between slaying all the Barra, plus it doesn't get wet in the tackle box. Smokey jerky for me.

Luke Masterton,   Top End,   NT


Social Scene

If you ask me I donít think Beef Jerky should be eaten without a beer my wife disagrees saying it is far better with a nice Red. Even the kids love snacking on it. (It is better then chips or nuts). Chilli is my favourite.

George Davids NSW



I go kayaking regularly and camp over a few nights. The beef jerky is great. It is lightweight and compact which is convenient with such limited space. Apart from snacking on it, I enjoy cooking it up in my billy with stock and dried/tinned veg for dinner.

Andrew Walsh QLD


Weight Loss

I decided to finally embark on a healthy lifestyle. I started by eating regular small meals high in protein and low in both fat and carbohydrates. Aussie Battler Beef Jerky is 60% protein and low in both fat and carbs. It is a great snack for in between meals and so convenient. This is a great change from the many tins of tuna I was snacking on.

Natasha Srogi NSW


Worth a Try

I couldnít think of anything worse than eating dried meat. My partner kept on raving about your product and after (no joke) 12 months I gave in. I had a piece and loved it! I didnít realise it would be so flavoursome. Good Work!

Sarah Sammut NSW