History-Aussie Battler Beef Jerky


Aussie Battler Beef Jerky
Neil, the original Owner/Operator of Aussie Battler Beef Jerky first learnt how to make Beef Jerky whilst he lived and worked as a professional fisherman in the crocodile infested waters of the Northern Territory (Top End of Australia) 25 years ago. Whilst out at sea for months at a time with the crew of the Mother Ship Grace May III, there were many skills Neil learnt in his spare-time. One of those skills was the drying of fish which were pulled in from the unpredictable seas. Neil took this skill and applied it to beef. With years of persistence, numerous recipes, and a multitude of samples to a vast audience the tasty and addictive flavours were born into what is now labelled Aussie Battler Beef Jerky. There are many pleased and satisfied customers Australia wide whom regularly enjoy these premium cuts from those whom worked with him during his years as a Field Technician in Mineral Exploration (in the Australian Outback) to the workers of today in the Illawarra Region of NSW.Aussie Battler Beef Jerky can now be found at weekend markets aswell as a few selected Country Shows.Like us on Facebook and instagram to keep upto date & find out when we are in your area. Today you can find myself in the kitchen keeping Neils work going so pop down & say hi, and pick yourself up some tasty Jerky!