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El_Presidente_s_Demise_800x800_largeEl Presidente's Demise - Reaper Hot Sauce $15.00                                                                                                                                                                                                         The CHILLI effect's NEW Australian hot sauce brings the full unforgiving fury of Carolina Reapers to a once calm tropical paradise.                                             This is our hottest sauce.

Featuring Pineapple, Lime, Habanero, Carolina Reaper, Birds Eye, Chipotle peppers this sauce causes a riot wherever you take it.



Heads_or_Tails_800x800_1024x1024Heads or Tails Hot BBQ Sauce $12.00 

Heads or Tails is our gourmet BBQ sauce, crafted with smoky depth and finished with a chilli edge.

As a hot BBQ sauce, Heads or Tails is perfect for a Low 'n' Slow cook and particularly good with pulled pork or brisket.

So what's the flavour?

Heads or Tails delivers a deep and smoky molasses feel, edged with balsamic vinegar that finishes with a fiery Habanero bite. At 2.5% Habanero this is our mild sauce, see our Chilli Power Curve for our heat levels.

Try Heads or Tails with pulled pork, brisket, ribs, burgers or chicken kebabs.

Sting_Like_a_Bee_800x800_largeSting Like a Bee - Indian Hot Sauce $15.00                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Sting Like a Bee packs a serious punch, so get in the ring, dance with delight and prepare yourself for the knockout blow. With multi-award winning flavour and serious heat, this sauce is seriously addictive.

So what's the flavour?

Sting Like a Bee opens with a delicious blend of Indian spices and local honey, but don't be fooled the Trinidad Scorpion and Habanero heat is coming...and coming in hard!

Try Sting Like a Bee with Chicken, hot wings, fish and veggies

Wizards_Lingering_Burn_800x800_1024x1024Wizard's Lingering Burn - Cajun Hot Sauce $12.00                                                

Wizard's Lingering Burn is our classic smoky Cajun style hot sauce, crafted with fresh habanero and birds eye chillies to deliver a deliciously long and satisfying burn.

As our most versatile sauce, Wizard's Lingering Burn is perfect with pizza, pasta, burgers and the classic cheese toasty.

Wizard's Lingering Burn delivers smooth and tangy Cajun tomato flavours topped with fruity notes of the mighty habanero as it leaves a delicious lingering burn.  

Try Wizard's Lingering Burn on just about anything, it goes perfectly with pizza, pasta, burgers and grilled meats.

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